5 Apps for Planning The Perfect Party

by Admin on June 10, 2014

Sometimes it seems like there’s no point to throwing a party. You need to race around sending out invitations, organizing food and drinks, cleaning the house and chasing up RSVPs. Then there’s the fear that people won’t show up, or worse, that you’ll run out of punch. It’s all so stressful – and for what? So that other people can spill wine on your couch and trample chips into your carpet while you run after them with a vacuum cleaner and field angry calls from the neighbors.

Party-funBut a party doesn’t have to be a nightmare for the host. You deserve to have fun too! Organization is the key – and that’s where the internet comes in. Here’s what you need to do. First take a deep breath, sit yourself down and help yourself to a cup of coffee. Then grab your phone and head to the app store. No, you’re not downloading Flappy Bird – you’re grabbing these five must-have apps that’ll turn your party into something legendary.



We know you want all the glory for yourself, but don’t be a hero. Send out your to-do list on PitchIn and watch in joyful surprise as your friends leap to your assistance. Whether you need someone to pick up the vodka fountain or $50 for a politician-shaped piñata, PitchIn outsources your party planning worries to your nearest and dearest.


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Building a party playlist can be a nightmare. What if you secretly have horrible taste in music? What if you’re not up-to-date with the latest indie dance hits? Spotify lets you piggyback off the good taste of others by borrowing playlists pre-made by those in the know – and the best part is you can share a playlist with guests ahead of time so that everyone can add their favourite tunes.


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Don’t subject yourself to the waking nightmare that is cooking for a party. Working around dietary requirements, missing the good times while slaving away in the kitchen, cleaning up a mountain of pots and pans afterwards…why bother? It’s so much easier to leave it to the professionals. Whether you’re hosting a Mexican fiesta or a Japanese tea ceremony, choose anything you like from Menulog’s massive range of cuisines and get one more thing off your plate. You can even set up an order ahead of time. Our advice: pretend the delivery guy at the door was just an angry neighbour and pass the food off as your own.


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Impress your friends with your encyclopaedic knowledge of all things alcoholic. Got some old half-empty bottles lying around the place? Search by ingredient and see what miraculous cocktails you can whip up from the dregs. Warning: this app does not grant the ability to juggle bottles or safely set drinks alight.

Sing! Karaoke

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There comes a point in every party where someone stops the music mid-dance and demands to sing. The best way to deal with these people is to give them what they want and hope they wear out quickly. In these situations Sing! Karaoke is your best friend: it includes a huge range of popular songs and you can even record drunken renditions for future blackmail.

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alredo-chickenIf you’re planning the perfect dinner party for some friends over the next couple of weeks, you’re probably browsing the internet in search of the perfect main course ideas, right? Well, luckily, I’ve done some of the hard work for you, and although you won’t find the recipes here, you will encounter some pretty amazing ideas that could be used to help make your night one to remember. So, take a few minutes now to read through the dishes I’ve listen below, and you should come away with at least a couple of suitable main courses you can make at home.

Don’t get me wrong, the meals I’ve listed here are very popular at dinner parties for a reason; they’re all pretty simple to throw together. That said; it’s probably a good idea to spend some time practicing before the big day, as unexpected problems do arise sometimes, and it’s definitely better to encounter them before your guests arrive. Anyway, I’m blabbering; here are the world’s most popular dinner party main courses….

Cajun Chicken Alfredo 

So long as your friends are happy to eat meat, providing them with some spicy and tasty cajun chicken could be a wise move. Usually, I’d advise you to pick up some cajun spice and coat the meat yourself, but as supermarkets and butchers have become better at this is recent years, you could easily get away with buying cajun chicken straight from the shelf. Then, place it on a bed of noodles, add some peppers, and everything should come together nicely.

Crock Pot Roast

If you haven’t got much time on your hands, but you really want to impress your guests with amazing flavour, opting to slow cook a joint of beef could solve all your problems. Admittedly, this will take around nine hours to achieve the optimum results, but it’s not like you have to keep checking on it. Serve with vegetables and roast potatoes for the best effects, and make sure you get some suitable booze. You can visit Jim’s Cellars for alcohol online, or simply head down to your local store.

Chilli Chicken Quesadillas

Again, you could coat the chicken in a homemade chilli sauce, but you’re unlikely to beat anything available from your local butchers, so do yourself a favour and don’t worry about it. Cooked for just the right length of time, chilli chicken quesadillas are guaranteed to leave your guests awe inspired by your culinary expertise. Just make sure you pick up some quality salsa to go along with this dish, as it compliments the main course perfectly.

Crispy Ginger Beef

Served on a bed of rice and cooked in the traditional chinese style, crispy ginger beef will knock your guests socks off. You might want to get hold of some red wine to go with this meal, as it tends to blend nicely with anything containing red meat. Don’t ask me why, it just does.

For information on how to make this dish, and any of the others I’ve mentioned in this post, just copy and paste the titles into your internet browser’s search bar. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my post today, and I can’t wait to see you back here again soon.


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