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California is known for a lot of things, sun, surfing and Hollywood being just a few. Another of the firm favourites in The Golden State is food and drink. Men, women and children adore their food on the West Coast and as result places like Monterey are a gold mine for great eateries. To visit Monterey and not sample some of the local delights would be almost unforgivable. Not everyone gets the chance to experience any part of California often, so if you do make sure you eat your body weight in whatever delicacy you can get your hands on. To help you out, here are the best five places to eat in Monterey California.

Bistro Moulin

Chef Didier Dutertre is a very talented chef and one of the main reasons you have to check this place out if you in Monterey. The array of food on the menu is both delicious and varied. The theme centres around European food and good European food can be hard to come by in all of America. If you do happen to come across it, you have to pay for the privilege. Bistro Moulin is as affordable as it is enjoyable. Try the spinach gnocchi or the duck confit.

Café Fina

Cafe Fina is one of the best restaurants in Monterey CA and not many people would argue with that statement. Café Fina is a fantastic mix of seafood cooked in an Italian style, mixing the local cuisine with a bit of twist. In fact, Fina is so good that they were the sole caterer for John Madden’s induction into the American Football Hall of Fame in 2006.  Plus, they have been visited by numerous celebrities including fellow chef Rachael Ray. If you are hungry, the lobster is as fresh as it comes.

The Taqueria

The Taqueria is hard to find, but once you do you will never forget it. It is not a fancy place for Avant Garde dining; it is a budget eatery, and it is proud of that fact. There is nothing wrong with dining on a budget, if you can find a decent place to chow down. In fact, finding a great, budget restaurant is just as stimulating as eating at a world renowned restaurant. The Taqueria makes tasty tacos at $2 apiece, which are as delicious as they are authentic.

Cachagua General Store (Carmel Valley)

Now, Cachagua General Store is a restaurant that is very innovative. It is known as pop-up dinner and it is the original of the Central Coast. Even though it is out in the sticks and can be hard to travel to, you won’t be disappointed when you get there. The food is delicious and abstract, set in one of the most different settings in the whole of California. The rabbit five ways is one of the fans’ favourites and worth a try.
These four eateries are an eclectic mix of conventional and contemporary, cheap and expensive. Whatever it is you are looking for restaurant wise in Monterey, the options above will cover every base.

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Four Foodie Must-Haves At Your Spring Party

by Admin on April 13, 2015

Spring is such a joyful and colorful season, which makes it the perfect time to host a fantastic party for all your family and friends. This season brings with it an abundance of delicious ingredients. This makes us foodies desperate to start creating lots of seasonal delights in the kitchen. If you are planning a springtime celebration for your nearest and dearest, here are five foodie must-haves that will ensure your party is a tasty triumph!


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Must have no.1: spring vegetables

There are so many beautiful, bright vegetables in season that will create big bursts of color on your dinner table. The specific ingredients that are in season will depend on your location. Typically, though, the list will include asparagus, carrots, cauliflower new potatoes, and radishes. Here are some appetizing ideas for your selection of spring vegetables:

If you or any of your guests are vegetarian, you could make something more substantial like a spring vegetable casserole or pasta dish.

Roasted rack of lamb - Sliced

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Must-have no.2: lamb

Lamb is the traditional meat served during the spring. Spring lamb is very tender but because the animals have not had much opportunity to graze, it doesn’t tend to be as flavorsome as the meat you get later in the year. If you can delay your party until the tail end of the season, you’ll get a richer tasting cut of meat. But if this is not practical, there are many ways of cooking spring lamb that will enhance the flavor. For example, you can stuff a leg of lamb with herbs and nuts and serve with a rich gravy, or you could make a spiced or herb-crusted rack of lamb. We would advise that you buy your lamb from a reputable high street store or online butchers. The quality of the meat will play a big role in the taste and texture of the dish.


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Must-have no.3: salmon

If you want to include some fish in your menu, salmon is an excellent choice as it is particularly juicy and delicious at this time of year. For your spring party, you might like the idea of salmon, asparagus and dill quiche, miso-glazed roasted salmon with spring vegetables or salmon en croute.


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Must-have no.4: chocolate dessert

No Spring menu is complete without a big serving of delectable chocolate to finish it off. There are so many recipes to choose from, just make sure that chocolate is the main ingredient! Some of our favorites include chocolate fondant (difficult to pull off but so worth it if you do), chocolate cheesecake, and chocolate mousse. If you think these are a bit naughty on their own, serve with some spring fruit like apricots, rhubarb, apples, and bananas.

Spring is the perfect time for foodies to get creative in the kitchen and share their fresh and delicious creations with all their family and friends. We hope you have been inspired by this post and that you have a fantastic spring party.

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