A Sweet Table At Your Reception

by Senior Editor on May 2, 2013

Chocolate Fountain

As there are so many details to consider when planning a wedding, one thing you won’t want to forget about is the sweet table or as some would call it, the dessert table. Of course the main feature on the center of the table will be your wedding cake, but some thought and planning should also be put into what other kinds of desserts will be available to your guests and how extravagant it will be.

Here are some things to consider when planning for the sweet table for your wedding reception.

Chocolate Fountain

Why not add a little variety to your dessert table and have a chocolate fountain catering service provide an extravagant chocolate fountain served with a variety of fruits, biscotti, marshmallows or even chips for dipping.

Espresso Bar

Consider having a mobile espresso bar catered at your wedding reception to entertain and delight your guests. Most of them are fully equipped and offer a large variety of espresso based drinks, smoothies and specialty coffees to keep your guests well caffeinated after a few drinks throughout the evening.


Rich desserts have always been a hit at wedding receptions. You can serve an assortment of individual rich desserts and pastries of several kinds, or mini cheesecakes and fruit tarts in different flavors and varieties served with various kinds of toppings.

There are so many individual desserts to consider from such as macaroons, chocolate éclairs, mocha cakes, napoleons, etc.


While you might have some children attending your reception, consider having a portion of the table dedicated to a variety of candy and cookies, as adults will enjoy them also. Candy bars and buffets have become quite popular for wedding receptions.

You can be creative and use a variety of candy to correspond with the color theme of your wedding, using anything from hearts, marshmallows, lollipops, colored taffy and much more. If you have a wedding planner assisting you, then why not create your own candy buffet that your guests will remember and enjoy.

Almost everyone loves desserts of some kind or another. The sky’s the limit so be creative!

Of course you won’t want to forget the wedding cake, as that will be the center of attention on your sweet table, unless you decide to have a separate table devoted just to the cake with added features surrounding it for that memorable photo you’ll be taking while cutting the cake with your groom.

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