The Messiest Foods in the World

by Editor on January 17, 2014

P1030530 - chicken & corn on the cobWhen I think about messy foods, some of the things that come to mind are things like red wines, jams, beetroot, watermelon, saffron or turmeric died rice and that sort of thing. However, it’s not really the food that’s messy but the person eating the food that can make it into a very messy food.  Of course, the foods I mentioned there are very colourful and if we are not careful, they will make a real mess and even destroy your fabrics and carpets.


Very young children are the worst offenders at making a complete mess with chocolate bars, chocolate cake, creams and yogurts. If you let them they will have it all over their faces, hands, clothes and also more than likely, all over your new carpet and table.

Corn on the cob

on the cob can be a very difficult thing to eat very gracefully. If you are like me you will need to have your corn smothered in real butter and finished off with a pinch of salt and pepper, too. If you even attempt to eat corn on the cob without plenty of tissue or a big old napkin to hand, you are simply asking for trouble. Check out this remarkable video from Wiki Tubia on the Messy Food Trivia Challenge.


Curries can also be a messy food to eat. I love to eat mine the way the Indians do it. That means I get stuck in with my bare hands and like to rip off big chunks of Nan bread and dip it into the curry and use the Nan also to pick up chunks of meat from the delicious, hot curry.

I once had a curry at a friend’s house and it was served with rainbow rice. Have you ever heard of anything so outlandish or unique? I know I hadn’t, at least until then. That’s right, rainbow coloured rice. Each individual rice grain was coloured a different, bright colour.

My friend must have spent hours in the kitchen colouring those rice grains. There were reds, green, blues, oranges, purples and other fabulous colours. You name the colour and we had rice grains on our plate that was of that same colour. You might like to try it sometime yourself. It’s really something that helps to get the party started.

Chinese Chicken

This is one of my very favourite, messy foods. Marks and Spencer’s do the best Chinese Chicken you have ever tasted in your entire life. Chinese Chicken is juicy pieces of roast chicken, smothered in a tasty, Chinese barbequed sauce that is absolutely to die for. If you have never tried it, I would highly recommend it. Be careful how you go about eating it though, because the sauce is very messy. It gets all over your fingers. Well, at least if, again, you are like me and like to eat this type of thing with your hands, it can be as messy as anything.

Green Pea Soup

Green Pea Soup is another extremely messy food so maybe one that you will want to feed to your kids, if you have them. The food colouring in this tasty dish is so potent it can absolutely destroy your tabletop if you are not careful. I would highly recommend getting out, at the very least, your fabric tablecloths for this one. If you do spill any Pea soup on the cloth, at least you can simply throw it into the washing machine and all will be well again.


Although Sushi is a food that I love, it, too, can even get a bit messy if you are not careful. Again, it’s one of those foods that simply must be eaten with ones bare fingers. So long as the table has a cloth on it and you have a healthy number of disposable or fabric napkins to hand, you should be fine.


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