Taking Your Homebrew To Customers’ Glasses

by Staff Editor on May 17, 2013

Coffee brewing demonstration by Allen Leibowitz of Zingerman's Coffee Co.

Starting out in the world of home-brewing can seem like a daunting prospect, especially when faced with the competition of larger, more corporate breweries. To go professional or not is a major decision. With the right set-up, though, there’s no reason why you can’t make a name for yourself. All you need is your own style, and you too can see your name as an instantly recognizable brand.

Getting started

You may not be able to compete with the big brands and corporate giants, but your independence can also work in your favor. With a low-key local style, it’s far easier to ascertain a more individual and creative style that can resonate with the consumer on a more personal one-to-one basis. Letting the consumer get to know you and what you’re about is one of your greatest assets, which can be established in a number of ways.

  • A name. This should clearly establish who you are and what you have to offer. It should be clear and concise allowing it to stick within the consumers mind. A fancy elongated name may look pretty on the page, but how many people can you see ordering it, or even remembering it at the bar? Something that’s catchy and holds up under the test of time is what will really allow you to identify yourself.
  • Labeling is another essential ingredient in creating your concoction’s identity. Giving it a clear and vibrant style that attracts the eye and reflects the name is an obvious point. Building a back-story around it is also a great and often overlooked method of creating a bond with the consumer. This goes back to the independence of your brew, an understated asset that can offer a sense of quirkiness that you wouldn’t find with bigger brands. Don’t miss the opportunity to use this to your advantage.
  • A logo is an obvious point that often gets overlooked. You don’t want to stick just any free clip-art image on your precious brew. Time and effort is needed as you design something that is immediately identifiable for the consumer. It may cost you a bit to work with a designer, but it’s worthwhile as you can get a unique look that can potentially be taken to a professional level, should you decide to take brewing to the next level and manage expenses with a prepaid business credit card.

Creating your laboratory

There are plenty of flourishes you can use to build upon your design. Cool bottle caps with your logo is one such feature that will definitely be eye-catching. You could even use wax seals to give it that rustic quality, along with fabric lids and ribbons. Whatever helps anchor your previously established design will work as long as it’s in context with the overall image. After that it’s then time to bottle your masterpieces. It doesn’t have to stop there though. You can take your image above and beyond with creatively designed coasters and glasses and maybe even t-shirts, posters and stickers. Be creative!

Beating the economy is definitely possible with perseverance and your own idiosyncratic style. Whether it simply be a small-time hobby or plans for going to a more professional level, there are many opportunities available with the right look. It’s not just alcohol that creates a brewery. If it’s good, they’ll remember the taste. But you need to also give them a name and an image to attach to the taste.

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